What is neodymium magnetic hook? What's the pull of it?

What is neodymium magnetic hook? What's the pull of it?

Oct 30, 2023

     The magnetic hook, which consists of a hook part and a custom size round neodymium magnet, is a magnetic accessory or tool used to suspend an object from metal surface. The hook part is usually made of metal or plastic, and its shape is easy to hang various items. Magnets are embedded or linked to the hook, providing the magnetic force that keeps the hook attached to the metal surface.


custom different neodymium magnetic hooks


     Magnetic hook provides a convenient and versatile solution that does not require nails, screws, or tape to hang items of varying weight and does not cause damage to metal surfaces. Magnetic hook is commonly used to hang and store items such as keys, hats, handbags, decorations or tools. It often appears in various occasions, such as home, office, kitchen, workshop and classroom, etc., and is widely used in daily life.


     Neodymium magnet magnetic hook usually has the following common types: 1.Ndfeb hook magnet with carabiner-rotation, 2. Neodymium magnetic hook with swivel hook, 3. Neodymium magnetic hook with eyelet hook, 4. NdFeb magnet with open hook.

  • Ndfeb hook magnet with carabiner-rotation
  • Neodymium magnetic hook with swivel hook
  • Neodymium magnetic hook with eyelet hook
  • NdFeb magnet with open hook


     The strength or pull of magnetic hook may vary depending on its size, magnet type, and design. The maximum weight or specific pull that a magnetic hook can support is usually indicated in the product description or specification provided by the manufacturer. Simply put, the larger size of the round neodymium magnet at the bottom of magnetic hook, the greater the range tension of it can withstand.


     Therefore, when choosing a strong custom magnetic hook, it is important to allow a safety margin to ensure that the hook can tenaciously hold the load without inadvertently separating. In addition, the magnetic force of the magnetic hook will weaken with the increase of distance, and will be affected by factors such as temperature and surface conditions. Overall, magnetic hook is a practical, reusable solution that offers convenience and flexibility in a variety of environments.

  • custom black magnetic hook
  • Strong Nickel Coated Magnetic Hook
  • Strong custom magnetic swivel hook

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