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Buckyball toys do not fade easily after using- keep colorful

     Buckyballs are a popular education decompresses magnetic toys, usually composed of magnetic balls formed into cubes, which can also be fabricated into arbitrary shapes and can be made into colorful bracelets, handbags, toy trucks and many other toys. They are often loved for their eye-catching colors.          Colors customization magnetic buckyballs usually involves complex synthesis and processing processes that require researchers with the appropriate experience and expertise to carry out. In addition, different customization methods may have an impact on the stability and performance of buckyballs, so there are trade-offs to consider when customizing colors.        In general, the surface coating of buckyballs is usually made of polyurethane or polyester resin, which can provide protection and decorative effects. These coatings tend to be wear-resistant and durable under normal use and do not fade easily.        Fading can be caused by a variety of factors, including UV exposure, friction, and use environment. If the buckyballs are frequently exposed to sunlight or frequently subjected to strong friction, its surface coating may gradually discolor or fade. Improper use, use of cleaners, or exposure to chemicals can also cause fading.          In order to maintain the appearance of the buckyball and the durability of the coating, the following precautions are recommended: Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid rubbing or scraping the surface of the buckyballs. Avoid using organic solvents or strong acid and alkali cleaning agents. Regularly gently wipe the surface of the buckyballs with a soft cloth to keep it clean. Store buckyballs in a dry, light-free environment at a suitable temperature.         Following these recommendations can extend the life of the buckball surface coating for protection and maintenance of its appearance. Please note that the specific buckyballs and their coating properties may vary from brand to brand and manufacturer, so it is best to refer to and follow the use and care guidelines provided by the custom magnetic balls manufacturer.    

Nov 30, 2023
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We are prepared for the coming Christmas: the shopping spree season!

     For the arrival of the annual Christmas, we have begun the intense preparation, the following will introduce some of our preparatory work.            First, produce enough magnetic products: Considering that Christmas is a shopping season, many people will be inclined to buy magnetic products as gifts or decorations, so our company has investigated the popular magnetic products in the market in advance. For example, magnetic ball stress relief puzzle toy for gifts, custom disc magnets with adhesive to hold objects in place, and so on. Produce sufficient quantities to meet the potential needs of new and existing customers.        Second, inventory management and logistics planning: We will ensure that the inventory is well managed and replenished in time to meet the needs of orders. At the same time, properly plan logistics and distribution to ensure that orders can be delivered to customers in a timely, and try to avoid delays or missing the peak of the Christmas shopping season, so that goods are not stuck in traffic.          Third, provide gift packaging and personalized customization options: We will provide custom neodymium magnet packaging services, so that customers can buy magnetic products as Christmas gifts to family, friends or colleagues.        Fourth, launch a special Christmas series of products: In order to celebrate the coming of Christmas, we design and launch special Christmas products, using shapes, colors or patterns associated with the Christmas theme, such as custom colorful magnetic sticks and balls to form the shape of the Christmas tree, magnetic push pins in various colors to fix photos or congratulatory cards, various sizes of magnetic hooks to hang garlands, stockings and other ornaments.          In short, through the above preparation, we hope that we can better cope with the sales opportunities brought by Christmas, meet the needs of customers, let more people know and know us, and like our products.

Nov 16, 2023
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Neodymium magnets do not radiate but do conduct electricity

     Neodymium magnets are widely used in our daily life, so many people are worried about whether neodymium magnets have radiation. Will it harm our health? In addition, Rare earth neodymium magnets are a metal alloy, so it is known from the characteristics of the metal itself that neodymium magnets are conductive, but compared with common copper, iron, aluminum and other conductors, will it be different? This will all be explained.          First of all, we know that all magnets produce a magnetic field, and the magnetic field is the area composed of magnetic field lines, which is the result of the arrangement of magnetic moments inside the magnet. But magnetic fields are not the same as radiation.Radiation usually refers to energy that travels through space, has a certain degree of penetration, and under certain conditions, can have an effect on human health. However, the magnetic fields produced by neodymium magnets do not belong to this radiation. Magnetic fields do not carry energy and do not travel like radiation. Many objects in our lives, such as televisions, computers, and mobile phones, generate magnetic fields.        Strictly speaking, magnets do not produce harmful radiation to the human body. In its guidelines on electromagnetic fields and public health, the World Health Organization clearly states that, based on the available scientific evidence, low-level exposure to electromagnetic fields is unlikely to produce any known harmful effects on human health. In general, high power ndfeb neodymium magnets do not produce harmful radiation to the human body. As long as they are used and handled correctly, we can safely utilize their powerful magnetic properties for a variety of applications.          On the other hand, it is worth noting that although Ndfeb magnets have certain electrical conductivity, in practical applications, we usually do not take advantage of this characteristic. People will pay more attention to the magnetic properties of Ndfeb magnets. This strong magnetic material is mainly used in the manufacture of motors, generators, hard drives, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, etc., which work mainly by using magnetic fields.        In addition, the electrical conductivity of Ndfeb magnets is not strong, but in some cases, this characteristic may become a problem. For example, if the magnet comes into direct contact with the conductive material, it may cause a short circuit or current leakage. Therefore, when using custom shapes and size Ndfeb magnets, use insulating materials to wrap to avoid this situation.  

Nov 02, 2023
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Recommended for popular neodymium magnet magnetic accessories

     There are many types of magnetic accessories, we are mainly concentrated in the production of magnetic fixator, such as pot magnet, magnetic hook, magnetic name badge, magnetic push pins, fishing magnetic and so on are our mainstream products, deeply loved by customers.          1. Round/rectangular pot magnet: The pot magnet is protected by a steel shell , which is more durable, impact resistant and corrosion resistant than ordinary neodymium magnets. In addition, the most common use of pot magnets is installation and fixing, with the right size screws to hang tools, fixing equipment, etc.        2. Magnetic Hooks: Magnetic hooks provide a convenient and flexible way to hang items on a variety of metal surfaces while being easily installed and without tools or drilling. As long as they are placed on a magnetic surface, they will stay firmly in place. It is worth noting that the holding force of different sizes neodymium magnetic hooks has a range, and try to hang items within the range of its load-bearing capacity.      3. Magnetic name badge: Custom magnetic name badge can be easily attached and removed without the use of tape or glue, and can be reused. This makes them more durable and economical. At the same time, the magnetic name tag does not require the use of pins or clips on the clothing, so it can avoid damage caused by pinholes or clips left by destructive pins.        4. Magnetic push pins: Magnetic push pins can be used in various occasions such as home, office, classroom and so on. For example, you can use them to fix documents, photos, memos, reminders, maps and many other items. In addition, magnetic push pins do not need to leave pinholes or glue marks on the item, as opposed to using sticky substances or pins to hold the item in place, so damage to the item can be avoided.        5. Magnetic stirring rod: High gauss magnetic rod is widely used, such as chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and other laboratory fields, and is frequently used in the process of solution preparation, catalytic reaction, biological reaction, medium stirring, etc. Efficient and uniform liquid mixing can be achieved using magnetic stirring rods. It can mix the liquid evenly in a short time and improve the efficiency of experimental work.      In short, magnetic accessories are practical and convenient tools that can provide a variety of daily use and organization solutions.                      

Oct 26, 2023
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Colorful magnetic ball adds "one more member"

     Magnetic balls are popular tabletop toys, and smashing them can relieve stress, or form them into a shape to release creativity. This smart magnetic ball game set is magnetic, easy to assemble, and can be matched arbitrarily to form hundreds of geometric patterns, which is very fun to play. But what's even more attractive is the colorful color of the magnetic sphere.        Here you can see the "original" nickel magnetic ball, there are black and white magnetic balls, and any combination of color spheres, like the six colors of the rainbow are our star products. Recently, a dusty pink buckyball has been introduced, which is similar to pink.             The prototype of the buckyball is strong spherical neodymium magnets, so many people will wonder how the colorful magnetic ball is obtained, and how they are so many colors are customized, next I will introduce a few common methods.        Buckyballs are spherical molecular structures composed of carbon atoms, also known as fullerene C60. It usually has a black appearance because carbon atoms absorb most of the visible light. However, it is possible to customize the color of the buckyball.        One way to do this is to apply a dye or colorant to the surface of the buckyball. By choosing the appropriate dye or colorant, the color of the buckyball can be changed to make it appear a specific color. This approach allows for a range of different color customizations.          Another approach is to chemically modify the structure of buckyballs, for example by introducing functional groups on carbon atoms. This modification can alter the optical properties of buckyballs, resulting in a change in color.        It should be noted that the color customization of buckballs often involves complex synthesis and processing processes that require researchers or laboratories with the appropriate experience and expertise to carry out. In addition, different customization methods may have an impact on the stability and performance of buckyballs, so there are trade-offs to consider when customizing colors magnetic balls.  

Oct 20, 2023
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Ndfeb raw material prices rise again to deal with measures

     Neodymium is one of the strongest raw materials for rare erath permanent magnets ever discovered. Widely used in professional engines, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, aerospace and other important fields.        Now the world is affected by tight supply, NdFeb prices rose to ¥642,500/ton, the highest level in five months. An important rare earth mine in Myanmar's Bangkwa region has been closed for inspection since September 6, and there is no clear reopening date. In addition, Malaysia plans to ban the export of rare earth raw materials, but the implementation date has not been set. China has imposed export restrictions on semiconductor-related metals. A number of international policies have raised concerns that exports of other key minerals, including rare earths, could be restricted.          Recently, the price of NdFeb raw materials has risen again, causing a certain pressure on related industries. Here are some ways to cope:        1. Establish partnerships: Establish close relationships with suppliers, customers and industry associations. By sharing information, resources and experience, participating in events such as industry conferences and exhibitions, to learn more about market dynamics and the latest technological developments and jointly address the changing challenges of the market.        2. Improve efficiency: Optimize the production process, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce waste. Ensure normal operation of production equipment to avoid downtime and loss. Continuously improve production efficiency and reduce unit product cost.          3. Advance procurement: Regularly communicate with Ndfeb neodymium magnet suppliers, understand market trends, and take action at the right time, plan and purchase enough in advance to minimize sensitivity to market price changes.        Based on Trading Economics' global macro model and analyst expectations, neodymium is expected to trade at ¥628,800/ton at the end of the quarter. Looking to the future, it is expected that after 12 months, its trading price is ¥603,500/ton, there will be a small reduction, and the market price of NdFeb will also be reduced. However, it should be noted that the NdFeb market price is affected by a variety of factors, including demand growth, policy changes, etc., comprehensive consideration of purchase is the best policy.  

Oct 11, 2023
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