How to Ship NdFeB Magnets by Air?

How to Ship NdFeB Magnets by Air?

Mar 27, 2024

     Air transportation has certain particularities. In order to ensure safety, both people and cargo need to undergo security inspections before boarding. So can strong magnetic neodymium magnets be brought on board an airplane? 


NdFeB Magnets Shipped by Air


     Since weak stray magnetic fields can interfere with aircraft navigation systems and control signals, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) classifies magnetic cargo as Category 9 dangerous goods and must be restricted during collection and transportation. Therefore, some air cargo containing high quality magnetic materials now requires magnetic testing to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft.


Air Freight Standards


     According to the relevant provisions of IATA902: If the maximum magnetic field strength measured 2.1m away from the object being measured does not exceed 0.159A/m (200nT, which is equal to 2mGs = 0.002Gs), the item is not restricted as a magnetic material and can be used as a General cargo handling. On the contrary, under the same conditions, if the maximum magnetic field intensity exceeds 0.159A/m, but any magnetic field intensity at a distance of 4.6m from the surface of the object being measured is less than 0.418A/m, the goods can be accepted and transported as dangerous goods. If this requirement cannot be met, the item is strictly prohibited from being transported by air.


Outermost Carton Packing Isolation


How to meet air freight standards?


     In order to meet the above air transportation requirements, the magnets shipped by air need to be degaussed. Through magnetic isolation, the externally displayed magnetism of the packaging meets the national aviation safety transportation requirements. Shielding packaging generally uses high magnetic permeability materials, such as cold-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, etc. If the amount of magnetic material is large, it must be packaged in several layers. The magnetic permeability of high magnetic permeability materials is very high. According to the Faraday electric cage principle, the powerful NdFeB magnetic field mainly circulates in the box after packaging, and very little leaks out. Pack in cartons or wooden boxes outside the shielded packaging.

  • High Magnetic Permeability Material
  • Foam Box Magnetic Isolation
  • 3 Layers of Packaging

Magnetic Detection


     During magnetic testing, customers need to pack the goods according to air transport requirements. The testing will not damage the packaging of the goods, but only detect stray magnetic fields on 6 sides of each piece of goods. If the goods fail the magnetic inspection, special attention needs to be paid. First, with the consent of the customer, the magnetic inspection staff will be entrusted to unpack the goods and inspect them, and then make relevant reasonable suggestions based on the specific situation. If the shielding can meet the air transportation requirements, the goods will be shielded according to the customer's entrustment, and relevant fees will be charged.

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