How to recover from demagnetization of NdFeB magnets?

How to recover from demagnetization of NdFeB magnets?

Mar 01, 2024

     Demagnetization is the loss of magnetic field strength in magnets. Every magnet has a specific temperature, which is called the Curie temperature, at which it loses its magnetism. If magnets cool to room temperature, they may not regain previous super strong magnetic strength.


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What causes strong neodymium magnets to demagnetize?


1. Influence of external magnetic field

     External magnetic fields, especially strong magnetic fields, can cause magnets to lose strength. The alignment of the magnetic domains can be disrupted when exposed to the north and south poles of another magnet.


2. Effects of heat exposure

     Heating permanent rare earth neodymium magnets to the Curie temperature causes its magnetic domains to randomize. Even if the magnet cools down, its original magnetic force may be reduced.


3. The role of working temperature

     Magnets' operating temperature is the highest temperature the magnets can withstand without significant loss of magnetic force. Neodymium magnets have a maximum operating temperature above which they may become demagnetized.


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How to determine if neodymium magnets have been demagnetized?


     One must observe its magnetism and properties to determine whether strong power neodymium magnets have been demagnetized. Loss of strength or weakening of the magnetic field may be indicative signs. However, to understand the complete guide to demagnetization, one should understand the inherent properties of magnets such as permeability and temperature tolerance. Using tools or exposing a magnet to another magnet (such as an old magnet from the North) can provide further insight into its current state.


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How to remagnetize a demagnetized neodymium magnet?


1.Make sure the demagnetized magnets are at room temperature.


2.Use stronger magnets or current to expose the demagnetized magnet to a strong magnetic field.


3.Make sure the magnets are aligned with the magnetization direction.


     PS:Make sure the magnets are only heated to its Curie point. Additionally, instruments are used to measure the strength that the magnet regains after remagnetization.

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