Select the right permanent magnet. What are the factors?

Aug 10, 2023

     Ndfeb magnets with high performance and cost-effective in the magnet market to win the first. From computer hard drives, mobile phones, cameras, to industrial permanent magnet motors, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, new energy vehicles, Ndfeb has been integrated into our daily life and industrial production.


     How to choose neodymium magnets? What should I pay attention to when choosing neodymium magnets? What are the influencing factors? Here, more than 20 years experience neodymium magnet manufacturer will help you to choose powerful neodymium magnets.


20 years experience neodymium magnet manufacturer


1.Size and shape

     We commonly see different shapes of NdFeb, like disc, cylinder, countersunk, cube, block, ring, ball and irregular shapes, basically factory custom neodymium magnets, used in different places the size will be inconsistent. For a qualified NdFeb magnet, not only need to meet the performance standards, its dimensional tolerance should also be within the acceptable range, under normal circumstances is within the error range of 0.05mm, the shape and size of each permanent magnets are different, so it is difficult to form once in the production process. The purchase price is basically affected by the size and quantity, and determining these demand information in advance will make the purchase convenient and bring a good purchase experience.

  • block countersunk magnet
  • cylinder neodymium magnet
  • ring neodymium magnet
  • round countersunk magnet
  • cube neodymium magnet
  • block neodymium magnet



     Neodymium magnets have poor corrosion resistance, so they are often coated with electroplating to prevent corrosion. Common plateds are nickel, zinc, gold, silver, epoxy resin, rubber and so on. The plated will affect the corrosion resistance, color, and service life of the magnet, so make different choices according to the working environment of the magnet when selecting the magnet. For example, in the case of poor working environment for magnets, epoxy plated ndfeb magnets are a better choice, and vice versa.

  • epoxy plated block magnet
  • epoxy plated disc magnet
  • epoxy plated round countersunk magnet


3.Working temperature

     Most magnets are very sensitive to high temperatures, and each magnet has a maximum operating temperature that it can withstand, and neodymium magnets are no exception. Neodymium magnets may demagnetize and degrade performance if the operating environment is at a temperature beyond its tolerable range, so when selecting eodymium magnets, it is best to ensure that the operating environment temperature is not higher than its maximum tolerable temperature.



     Custom neodymium magnet grade is also an important factor to consider when choosing, when taking into account price and performance, the appropriate grade will be much better than the number of times. N52 grade is usually the strong international performance grade, but because of the high price, many people go back to the second, N42 not only the price is favorable, the magnetic force is also very strong, so in the choice of magnets, the right grade will bring a lot of concessions.




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