How to effectively reduce the brittleness of neodymium magnets?

How to effectively reduce the brittleness of neodymium magnets?

May 15, 2024

     As an important magnetic material widely used in modern technology and industry, strong powerful NdFeB magnets have attracted much attention for their fragility. The brittleness causes NdFeB magnets to easily break or shatter when exposed to external force, thus affecting their practical application effects and lifespan.


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     We can take a series of effective measures to reduce the brittleness of neodymium magnets, improve their service life and performance stability, and promote their development in modern technology and industrial applications.


1. Add elements and optimize crystal structure


     In the material design stage, the brittleness of NdFeB magnets can be improved by rationally selecting added elements and adjusting the grain structure. For example, adding appropriate amounts of rare earth elements, transition metals and other alloying elements can effectively improve the toughness and tensile strength of NdFeB magnets, thereby reducing their brittleness. In addition, by controlling the size and distribution of grains and optimizing the grain boundary structure, the brittleness of the material can also be effectively reduced and its tensile resistance improved.


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2. Control processing speed and tool selection


     In terms of processing technology, some measures can be taken to reduce the brittleness of customized various neodymium magnets during processing. For example, during cutting, grinding and other processing processes, the processing speed and tool selection can be controlled to avoid excessive stress concentration and reduce the risk of material rupture. At the same time, during the heat treatment process, reasonable control of temperature and time to avoid excessively hard grain boundaries and interactions can also effectively reduce the brittleness of NdFeB magnets.


3. Follow usage instructions and store appropriately


     In terms of usage, it is very important to pay attention to every step. First, avoid violent collisions or twists to maintain the integrity of the magnet. Secondly, when storing and transporting, be careful to avoid environments such as moisture, high temperature or strong magnetic fields to avoid damage to the magnets. At the same time, during installation and use, care should be taken to avoid overloading and excessive stress, thereby reducing the risk of magnet rupture.


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     To sum up, in order to reduce the brittleness of NdFeB magnets, a series of effective measures need to be taken from many aspects such as material design, processing technology and usage methods. Only by considering all aspects can we better solve the brittleness problem of NdFeB magnets. Welcome to ask related questions to professional neodymium magnets supplier.



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