Colorful magnetic ball adds "one more member"

Oct 20, 2023

     Magnetic balls are popular tabletop toys, and smashing them can relieve stress, or form them into a shape to release creativity. This smart magnetic ball game set is magnetic, easy to assemble, and can be matched arbitrarily to form hundreds of geometric patterns, which is very fun to play. But what's even more attractive is the colorful color of the magnetic sphere.


     Here you can see the "original" nickel magnetic ball, there are black and white magnetic balls, and any combination of color spheres, like the six colors of the rainbow are our star products. Recently, a dusty pink buckyball has been introduced, which is similar to pink.


dusty pink magnetic balls


     The prototype of the buckyball is strong spherical neodymium magnets, so many people will wonder how the colorful magnetic ball is obtained, and how they are so many colors are customized, next I will introduce a few common methods.


     Buckyballs are spherical molecular structures composed of carbon atoms, also known as fullerene C60. It usually has a black appearance because carbon atoms absorb most of the visible light. However, it is possible to customize the color of the buckyball.


     One way to do this is to apply a dye or colorant to the surface of the buckyball. By choosing the appropriate dye or colorant, the color of the buckyball can be changed to make it appear a specific color. This approach allows for a range of different color customizations.


custom colors 5mm magnetic balls


     Another approach is to chemically modify the structure of buckyballs, for example by introducing functional groups on carbon atoms. This modification can alter the optical properties of buckyballs, resulting in a change in color.


     It should be noted that the color customization of buckballs often involves complex synthesis and processing processes that require researchers or laboratories with the appropriate experience and expertise to carry out. In addition, different customization methods may have an impact on the stability and performance of buckyballs, so there are trade-offs to consider when customizing colors magnetic balls.


colorful custom 5mm magnetic balls set

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