Ndfeb raw material prices rise again to deal with measures

Oct 11, 2023

     Neodymium is one of the strongest raw materials for rare erath permanent magnets ever discovered. Widely used in professional engines, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, aerospace and other important fields.


     Now the world is affected by tight supply, NdFeb prices rose to ¥642,500/ton, the highest level in five months. An important rare earth mine in Myanmar's Bangkwa region has been closed for inspection since September 6, and there is no clear reopening date. In addition, Malaysia plans to ban the export of rare earth raw materials, but the implementation date has not been set. China has imposed export restrictions on semiconductor-related metals. A number of international policies have raised concerns that exports of other key minerals, including rare earths, could be restricted.


the table of Ndfeb raw material price


     Recently, the price of NdFeb raw materials has risen again, causing a certain pressure on related industries. Here are some ways to cope:


     1. Establish partnerships: Establish close relationships with suppliers, customers and industry associations. By sharing information, resources and experience, participating in events such as industry conferences and exhibitions, to learn more about market dynamics and the latest technological developments and jointly address the changing challenges of the market.


     2. Improve efficiency: Optimize the production process, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce waste. Ensure normal operation of production equipment to avoid downtime and loss. Continuously improve production efficiency and reduce unit product cost.


Rare earth permanent magnet Market Conference


     3. Advance procurement: Regularly communicate with Ndfeb neodymium magnet suppliers, understand market trends, and take action at the right time, plan and purchase enough in advance to minimize sensitivity to market price changes.


     Based on Trading Economics' global macro model and analyst expectations, neodymium is expected to trade at ¥628,800/ton at the end of the quarter. Looking to the future, it is expected that after 12 months, its trading price is ¥603,500/ton, there will be a small reduction, and the market price of NdFeb will also be reduced. However, it should be noted that the NdFeb market price is affected by a variety of factors, including demand growth, policy changes, etc., comprehensive consideration of purchase is the best policy.


Neodymium magnet raw material price forecast chart

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