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Oct 26, 2023

     There are many types of magnetic accessories, we are mainly concentrated in the production of magnetic fixator, such as pot magnet, magnetic hook, magnetic name badge, magnetic push pins, fishing magnetic and so on are our mainstream products, deeply loved by customers.


different shape neodymium magnetic accessories


     1. Round/rectangular pot magnet: The pot magnet is protected by a steel shell , which is more durable, impact resistant and corrosion resistant than ordinary neodymium magnets. In addition, the most common use of pot magnets is installation and fixing, with the right size screws to hang tools, fixing equipment, etc.


     2. Magnetic Hooks: Magnetic hooks provide a convenient and flexible way to hang items on a variety of metal surfaces while being easily installed and without tools or drilling. As long as they are placed on a magnetic surface, they will stay firmly in place. It is worth noting that the holding force of different sizes neodymium magnetic hooks has a range, and try to hang items within the range of its load-bearing capacity.

  • round pot magnet with srew hole
  • block pot neodymium magnet
  • Strong force magnetic hook

     3. Magnetic name badge: Custom magnetic name badge can be easily attached and removed without the use of tape or glue, and can be reused. This makes them more durable and economical. At the same time, the magnetic name tag does not require the use of pins or clips on the clothing, so it can avoid damage caused by pinholes or clips left by destructive pins.


     4. Magnetic push pins: Magnetic push pins can be used in various occasions such as home, office, classroom and so on. For example, you can use them to fix documents, photos, memos, reminders, maps and many other items. In addition, magnetic push pins do not need to leave pinholes or glue marks on the item, as opposed to using sticky substances or pins to hold the item in place, so damage to the item can be avoided.


     5. Magnetic stirring rod: High gauss magnetic rod is widely used, such as chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and other laboratory fields, and is frequently used in the process of solution preparation, catalytic reaction, biological reaction, medium stirring, etc. Efficient and uniform liquid mixing can be achieved using magnetic stirring rods. It can mix the liquid evenly in a short time and improve the efficiency of experimental work.

  • Custom magnetic name badge
  • Colorful magnetic push pins
  • High Gauss Strong Magnetic Rod

     In short, magnetic accessories are practical and convenient tools that can provide a variety of daily use and organization solutions.












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