Why are magnetic toys the first choice for educational toys?

Why are magnetic toys the first choice for educational toys?

Oct 10, 2023

     First of all, I would like to introduce you to what are the common magnetic toys

  • strong neodymium magnetic balls
  • magnetic sticks and balls
  • magnetic drawing board witn pen


     1. Magnetic balls, also known as Buckyballs, are popular all over the world. Buckyballs are typical small spherical magnets, with a common size of 3mm 5mm and strong magnetic properties. It is usually composed of multiple individual magnetic spheres, which can be freely combined to form various shapes, and can also be rearranged into different structures.


     2. Magnetic sticks and balls, refers to a set of metal ball and magnetic rod composed of magnetic construction toys. The metal balls are usually made of steel or other magnetic materials, while the magnetic rods are embedded with magnets so that the rods and balls can be attracted together to build building structures of various shapes.


     3. Magnetic drawing board, is a plastic or other smooth material of the drawing board with magnet stylus pen, which is filled with a layer of tiny metal particles. The magnetic screen is usually wrapped in a frame that can be "drawn" to the perfect shape by a matching toy pen that attracts the magnetic ball.

  • silver 3mm magnetic balls
  • colorful magnetic sticks and balls
  • custom magnetic drawing board


     The important reasons for the development of magnetic toys as the first choice of toys are as follows:


     1. Stimulate creativity and imagination: Magnetic toys can be spliced and combined in a variety of ways to set up shapes, buildings and models to foster spatial awareness and problem solving skills.


     2. Cultivate scientific and engineering thinking: With magnetic balls or magnetic sticks and balls to build different structures, children can learn basic science and engineering principles, to achieve the purpose of edutainment. On the other hand, adults can guide children to explore the nature of magnetism through magnetic toys, understand the attraction and repulsion relationship between magnetic materials, and develop an interest in physics.


     3. Improve hand-brain coordination and concentration: Using different magnetic toys to splice and combine requires children to use hands and brains at the same time. In addition, the whole body and mind are put into the construction of various shapes, buildings or paintings, which is conducive to improving the coordination ability and concentration of the brain and hands.


     4. Provide opportunities for collective or individual play: Creative magnetic toy set can be used as a tool for individual or collective play, encouraging children to cooperate and communicate with peers or family members. This helps develop social skills, teamwork and communication skills.

  • Colorful rare earth magnetic balls
  • Silver magnetic sticks and balls
  • Red block magnetic drawing board




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