What is countersunk magnet? A detailed introduction to countersunk magnet

What is countersunk magnet? A detailed introduction to countersunk magnet

Sep 08, 2023

     Many people may be unfamiliar with countersunk hole magnet, which can simply be understood as ring neodymium magnets with screw holes, so countersunk hole magnet is often used with screw to play a fixed role. The countersunk hole of the magnet is at a 90 degree Angle, and when the screw with the same specifications as the hole size fixes the object, the screw is flush with the surface, or even slightly lower than the surface of the countersunk magnet. This is a more efficient and permanent method than bonding magnets.


powerful countersunk neodymium magnet


     Usage of countersunk magnets


1. Magnetic switches and closer

     Use countersunk magnet to attach to the floor at the edge of the door or to the doorstop on the wall behind the door to keep the door open or close. The same can also be used in drawers, cabinets, lockers.


2. Secure tools

     Countersunk magnet can be used as part of a fixed device for fixing metal components or equipment, using powerful countersunk neodymium magnet to fix metal tools of various shapes and sizes on the wall behind the workbench, mostly used in the kitchen, office, tool rack and other household uses.


3. Hanging articles

     Countersunk magnet can be easily attached to surfaces such as walls or ceilings, using screws or bolts, providing a firm and reliable support for hanging signs, banners, shelves or lighting fixtures.

  • Magnetic switches and closer
  • countersunk neodymium magnet to fix metal tools
  • countersunk magnet hangs signs



     Characteristics of countersunk magnets


1. Countersunk neodymium magnet is very strong, the raw material is strong rare earth NdFeb magnet, the magnetic force is five to ten times larger than the ceramic (hard ferrite) magnet, so be careful when handling the magnet to prevent squeezing the finger or skin.


2. The magnetic attraction is concentrated on the working side of the countersunk magnet, and the countersunk hole ensures a safe and stable attachment to the required application.


3.There will be customers who need manufacturers to custom round countersunk magnets into half N-S poles and half S-N poles to form a magnetic pair for suction.


4. The material of the screw used in pairing with the magnet will not have much effect on the magnetic force, as long as the size is appropriate.


5. Don't screw too many times, because the countersink magnet is very brittle, and the screw rotating many times will easily cause the neodymium magnet to break.

  • Different uses of countersunk magnets
  • Countersunk magnet is magnetized to suction
  • the screw used in pairing with the magnet

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