How to separate two strong neodymium magnets adsorbed together?

How to separate two strong neodymium magnets adsorbed together?

Nov 22, 2023

     When using strong magnets, if you encounter two magnets tightly adsorbed together, how to separate them is a headache for us. To make matters worse, an oversized strong neodymium magnet, which is stuck to your work area or an item, is very difficult to separate the strong magnet.

     But don't fret. Here, I will describe the methods that can separate strong magnets of different sizes when they are tightly attached to each other.


custom different size round shape ndfeb magnets


     First of all, the first thing is to think about your own safety. Wearing protective safety glasses or other forms of protective eyewear is essential. Ndfeb strong magnets are known for being fragile and easily broken. If two Ndfeb magnets attract each other quickly, their collision force may cause the magnet fragments to fall off or splash. Secondly, if you are wearing gold and silver jewelry, do not go near the strong magnets. Wear thick gloves to prevent your fingers from being hurt by squeezing between two magnets or between the magnet and the surface. These precautions should be kept in mind.


1.Small size magnet

     Usually many people will ignore their strong magnetic because of the small size, and directly break the two magnets apart, which is a wrong method. The best way to separate the customized small size ndfeb magnet is to slide the magnet away from the edge of the material to which it is attached.


2.Large size magnet

     If a medium or large magnet is connected to another magnet, you need to place it on the vertical edge of a table or workbench, and then push the suspended magnet down away from the other magnet. Once they separate, quickly stretch the distance between them so they don't bounce back together.


Separate two magnets along the table


3.Super size magnet

     Oversized magnets can usually only be separated using a tool. Magnetic separation tools work in a similar way to placing a magnet on the edge of a table or workbench and pushing it down. But instead of simply pushing the dangling magnet down with your hand, you push the upper handle down to force the two magnets apart.


Neodymium magnetic separation tools


4.Other size

     For some large magnets with steel shells, such as permanent strong round shape pot magnets, you need to use a rubber mast, because the steel shell can protect the magnet, with the help of tools to knock the magnet can produce enough force to separate the magnet, do not worry about magnet damage.


use rubber mast to separate magnets

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