How Neodymium Magnets Are Made?

How Neodymium Magnets Are Made?

Jul 13, 2023

The production of customized size shape neodymium magnets involves a complex manufacturing process that requires professional equipment and knowledge.


1. Prepare Materials for the Reaction

The main raw materials of Neodymium magnets are neodymium, iron and boron, and can also contain a small amount of other elements, such as dysprosium (Dy), praseodymium (Pr) and terbium (Tb). These materials are first processed and refined to obtain high-purity forms suitable for magnet production.


Neodymium (Nd) is a rare earth element with excellent magnetism, providing high magnetic strength for magnets.

Iron (Fe) enhances its magnetic strength and enhances its ability to withstand high temperatures.

Boron (B) helps to enhance the magnetic and thermal stability of magnets.

rare earth neodymium magnets


2.Powder Production: 

The raw materials after refining and processing are combined in vacuum or inert gas environment, melted and solidified into alloy, and then the solidified alloy is crushed into small pieces or flakes. These thin sheets are further ground or ground into fine particles, and high-quality fine powders are selected based on the size and properties of the powder particles.




In a technique called die upsetting, pressing the powder together at a high temperature of about 725 ° C helps to arrange the particles in the preferred direction, which helps to enhance the magnetic properties of the magnet.

custom size neodymium large magnets


Sintering is a common process in powder metallurgy. The compacted powder is heated to a temperature higher than its melting point but lower than the melting point of individual elements. This process fuses the powder particles together, causing them to combine and form a solid magnet with enhanced magnetism.



Usually, neodymium disc block ring magnet is electroplated with three layers: nickel, copper, and nickel. This is necessary because uncoated neodymium magnets are highly corrosive and can quickly lose their magnetism in damp conditions.



The use of fixtures or magnetization devices to fix neodymium magnets is essentially a large coil around the magnet, designed to guide the magnetic field in the desired direction into the magnet. Magnetizing equipment uses a group of capacitors and a very large voltage to obtain such a strong current in a short time to magnetize large Neodymium magnet.

super strong neodymium magnets

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