Magnetic fuel treatment and magnetic water treatment

May 22, 2024

     Magnetic fuel treatment and magnetic water treatment, as their names suggest, are both methods of cleaning waste fuel and sewage that cause environmental pollution through the rational use of magnetic fields, making a huge contribution to environmental protection.


Magnetic fuel treatment and magnetic water treatment


Their respective principles:


     Magnetic fuel treatment is typically implemented by installing magnetic devices into fuel lines or fuel supply systems. Its working principle is based on the influence of magnetic fields on ions, molecules and particles in the liquid, thereby changing the physical and chemical properties of the fuel.The main principle of magnetic water treatment is to use magnetic fields to affect ions, molecules and tiny suspended solids in water to improve water fluidity and reduce scale and scale accumulation problems.


Their different effects:


     For magnetic fuel treatment:

Magnetic fuel processing process diagram


1. Improve combustion efficiency: The magnetic field can better mix the ions and molecules in the fuel, enhance the flammability of the fuel, and improve combustion efficiency.


2. Reduce emissions: Magnetic fuel processors are said to reduce the generation of emissions, such as reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon emissions.


     For magnetic water treatment:


Magnetic water processing process diagram


1. Reduce scale: It is said that after magnetic water treatment, calcium and magnesium plasma in the water exist in a non-crystalline form, thereby reducing the generation of scale and extending the service life of the equipment.


2. Improve water quality: It is claimed that magnetic water treatment can improve water solubility, increase water absorption capacity, and improve plant growth and animal health.


3. Save energy: Some people believe that magnetic water treatment can reduce the resistance of pipes and equipment and improve the fluidity of water, thereby saving energy consumption.


     However, there are some controversies about the scientific mechanism and practical effects of magnetic fuel treatment and magnetic water treatment that have not been fully proven and widely accepted. Some studies have shown that under actual conditions of use, the impact of magnetic fuel treatment on fuel is very limited, and its effect may depend on factors such as fuel type, combustion equipment, and operating conditions; the effect of magnetic water treatment depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the characteristics of the water. , flow rate and other factors vary.


     Therefore, when considering magnetic fuel processors and magnetic water treatment systems, it is recommended to carefully evaluate their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness and consult with professionals to ensure optimal water treatment methods and results.

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