Common Testing Items for Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Mar 20, 2024

     Strong sintered neodymium magnets are widely used in household appliances, transportation, medical health, aerospace and other fields due to its ultra-high magnetic energy density (currently up to 1.5T on the market) and good service characteristics. In order to meet the use requirements of neodymium magnets in different fields and objectively evaluate the applicability and quality of the magnets, it is usually necessary to conduct various index tests on neodymium magnets. Generally speaking, we divide the testing content into three Aspects: First, product appearance size and physical properties; second, product magnetic properties; and third, product performance auxiliary testing items.


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1. Appearance size and physical performance testing


     The appearance size and physical properties of neodymium products are the basic requirements for product use. A good product must not only meet the magnetic performance requirements, but also need various sizes, coatings, mechanical properties, etc. that conform to actual needs to meet basic assembly and use requirements in different environments. 


     Product dimensions and tolerances not only affect the assembly effect, but also affect the consistency deviation of magnetic properties, motor operation stability and energy consumption. In actual use, they have attracted more and more customer attention.


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2. Magnetic performance testing


     The magnetic properties of neodymium are the main requirements for use. Only products that strictly meet the magnetic properties requirements can fully exert their effectiveness in the fields we need and carry out stable applications. This requires us to strictly test the magnetic performance indicators of neodymium.


     In terms of magnetic properties, in the early days, everyone focused on the two indicators of remanence Br and intrinsic coercive force Hcj. Now, more and more users are paying attention to magnetic moment and thermal demagnetization. In fact, we use neodymium magnets mainly for its two important characteristics, one is the magnetic energy density per unit volume, and the other is the magnetic stability of high-temperature operation. It is more reasonable to use magnetic moment and thermal demagnetization to evaluate. High performance NdFeB magnets selected using thermal demagnetization indicators will undoubtedly have better service reliability and higher cost performance.


NdFeB Magnets Performance Parameters
Grade Br Hcb Hcj (Bh)max Tw
Grade mT kGs kA/m kOe kA/m kOe kJ/m3 MGOe
N35 1170-1220 11.7-12.2 >868 >10.9 >955 >12 263-287 33-36 <80
N38 1220-1250 12.2-12.5 >899 >11.3 >955 >12 287-310 38-39 <80
N40 1250-1280 12.5-12.8 >907 >11.4 >955 >12 302-326 38-41 <80
N42 1280-1320 12.8-13.2 >915 >11.5 >955 >12 318-342 40-43 <80
N48 1380-1420 13.8-14.2 >923 >11.6 >955 >12 366-390 46-49 <80
N50 1400-1450 14.0-14.5 >796 >10 >876 >11 382-406 48-49 <80
N52 1430-1480 14.3-14.8 >796 >10 >876 >11 398-422 50-53 <80


3. Auxiliary testing items


     The auxiliary testing items of neodymium are mainly to check whether the product performance meets expectations during the production process and to verify whether there are any defects in the production process; when abnormal conditions occur or new products are developed, the product composition and appearance are analyzed and confirmed.


     The above are the common testing items for neodymium magnets. We are a professional neodymium magnets manufacturer. If you want to know more about neodymium magnets, please feel free to contact us.



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