Buckyball toys do not fade easily after using- keep colorful

Nov 30, 2023

     Buckyballs are a popular education decompresses magnetic toys, usually composed of magnetic balls formed into cubes, which can also be fabricated into arbitrary shapes and can be made into colorful bracelets, handbags, toy trucks and many other toys. They are often loved for their eye-catching colors.


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     Colors customization magnetic buckyballs usually involves complex synthesis and processing processes that require researchers with the appropriate experience and expertise to carry out. In addition, different customization methods may have an impact on the stability and performance of buckyballs, so there are trade-offs to consider when customizing colors.


     In general, the surface coating of buckyballs is usually made of polyurethane or polyester resin, which can provide protection and decorative effects. These coatings tend to be wear-resistant and durable under normal use and do not fade easily.


     Fading can be caused by a variety of factors, including UV exposure, friction, and use environment. If the buckyballs are frequently exposed to sunlight or frequently subjected to strong friction, its surface coating may gradually discolor or fade. Improper use, use of cleaners, or exposure to chemicals can also cause fading.


Pink color magnetic balls


     In order to maintain the appearance of the buckyball and the durability of the coating, the following precautions are recommended:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid rubbing or scraping the surface of the buckyballs.
  • Avoid using organic solvents or strong acid and alkali cleaning agents.
  • Regularly gently wipe the surface of the buckyballs with a soft cloth to keep it clean.
  • Store buckyballs in a dry, light-free environment at a suitable temperature.


      Following these recommendations can extend the life of the buckball surface coating for protection and maintenance of its appearance. Please note that the specific buckyballs and their coating properties may vary from brand to brand and manufacturer, so it is best to refer to and follow the use and care guidelines provided by the custom magnetic balls manufacturer.


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