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There are 10000 Square meter factory. And two hundrands workers and technical staff.
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We have advanced equipment, short processing cycle, fast delivery, accept custom, just need to offer the request to our email.
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We are professional manufacturer of Neodymium Magnet with ten years experience. Our Buckyballs Toys have good market. Sample available.
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Have the big Warehouse, 50% products have in stock, if you custom size,  our production time about 15 days.
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We accpet air express, also can deliver by sea. According to the customer's requirements.
Our team is experienced and professional. There are 100 in the term. We can provide the service for you on 24 hours.
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  • 02-22
    [Magnet Industry News] Magnetic Flux Density

    Magnetic Flux DensityMagnetic flux density is the amount of magnetic flux per unit surface area. The units are the tesla [T] for SI units and the Gauss [G] for CGS units. The symbol for the magnetic flux densi Read More »

  • 02-22
    [Magnet Industry News] Magnetic Field

    Magnetic FieldMagnetic field is the force operating on the magnetic charge. The symbol for the magnetic field is H and the units are the ampere/meter [A/m] for SI units and the oersted [Oe] for CGS units where 1 [A/m] = 4π•10-3 [Oe]. The Earth itself posses a magnetic field referred to as geomagneti Read More »

  • 02-22
    [Magnet Industry News] Maximum Energy Product

    Maximum Energy ProductMaximum energy product is an index expressing the performance of a permanent magnet. The units are the joule per meter cubed [J/m3] in the SI system and the gauss oersted [GOe] in the CGS system. The maxi Read More »

  • 02-16
    [Magnet Industry News] Adding magnets to football helmets could reduce the risk of concussions

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Adding magnets to football helmets could reduce the risk of concussions, a new study finds. When two players collide, the magnets in each player’s helmet should repel the other’s. This should reduce the force of the collision.Football helmets now work by dispersing the energy as a Read More »


  • [Magnet Industry News] Power Words

    Power Wordsacceleration The rate at which the speed or direction of something changes over time.accelerometer An instrument for measuring vibrations or a change in the rate of movement. These sensors typically can measure movement changes in all three dimensions (front-to-back, side-to-side and up

  • [Magnet Industry News] Magnet Terms

    Magnet Terms Alnico (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt) - A shorthand reference to magnets made from an aluminum nickel cobalt compound; these types of magnets have medium to high magnetic strength and have excellent magnetic resistance to heat. Anisotropic - Magnetic characteristic whereby magnetic orientatio

  • [Magnet Industry News] Rubber magnet

    1. Prep your wall or solid surface area - For best results, walls or surface areas need to be smooth, dry and clean of dirt. This is now when you can apply our MAGbond® Magnetic Paint, or prepare to apply the magnet base.2. Choose your base - For surfaces not painted with magnetic paint, our self-ad

  • [Magnet Industry News] Magnetic materials

    The term magnet is typically reserved for objects that produce their own persistent magnetic field even in the absence of an applied magnetic field. Only certain classes of materials can do this. Most materials, however, produce a magnetic field in response to an applied magnetic field – a phenomeno

  • [Magnet Industry News] Company news about magnet

    Pilot type relief valve in Italy ATOS pilot valve part is a vibration site as shown in figure 3. In the case of high pressure overflow, the pilot valve axial opening is small, only 0.003 ~ 0.006 cm. The flow area is very small, the flow rate is very high, up to 200 m / s, easy to cause uneven pressu

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