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Strong magnets will have the principle of magnetism

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Most of the strong magnets are made of molecules, and molecules are made of atoms, and the atoms are made up of atoms and electrons. Inside the atom, the electron spins and spins around the nucleus. These two kinds of motion of the electrons can produce magnetism. But in most of the material, the direction of the electronic movement is not the same. Therefore, most of the material in the normal circumstances, does not appear magnetic.
Iron, cobalt, nickel or iron oxygen body ferromagnetic material differ, its internal electronic spin can be in a small range spontaneously lined up, formed a spontaneous magnetization, the spontaneous magnetization is called the domain. Ferromagnetic substances after magnetization, internal domain neat, in the same direction arranged makes magnetic strengthen, would constitute a strong magnet. A strong magnet iron absorption process is the iron magnetization process, the magnetization of the iron and the strong magnet different polarity attraction between, iron is firmly with strong magnets to stick together. We say strong magnets are magnetic.

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