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Strength Round Ceramic Disc Magnets for Bottle Cap Magnets

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Highly professional OC team, high quality raw materials with 100% guarantee, and excellent consistency!
Core Technology:
With an advanced R&D center, top-notch QC team and professional machinists, we surpass competitors for quality, reliablility and design.
Competitive Price & Short Lead Time:
Pricing 5-10% cheaper and lead times 2-5 days shorter than the industry average!
Why? Excellent, efficient process and flexible machine process controls!
24 hour Service:
We are "on call" around the clock! Contact us any time and we will reply to your email or fax within 12 hours with information, assistance, or both.

  • SP008
  • OEM
  • N30,N35,N38,N40,N45,N48,N50,N52


Magnetic Products of Customized Shapes and Sizes.



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