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Factory & Produce
There are 10000 Square meter factory. And two hundrands workers and technical staff.
Factory & Facility
We have advanced equipment, short processing cycle, fast delivery, accept custom, just need to offer the request to our email.
Products & Samples
We are professional manufacturer of Neodymium Magnet with ten years experience. Our Buckyballs Toys have good market. Sample available.
Storage & Products
Have the big Warehouse, 50% products have in stock, if you custom size,  our production time about 15 days.
Express & Transportation 
We accpet air express, also can deliver by sea. According to the customer's requirements.
Our team is experienced and professional. There are 100 in the term. We can provide the service for you on 24 hours.
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Hefei Super Electronics Co., Ltd 
Address:No.7598 Ziyun Road,,Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601

SmCo Magnet

Samarium cobalt magnets (magnetic force is still excellent), also known as samarium cobalt magnets, samarium cobalt permanent magnet, samarium cobalt permanent magnets, rare earth cobalt permanent magnet and the like. Is composed of samarium, cobalt and other metals by the ratio of rare earth materials, dissolved Tempered alloy, by crushing, pressure-type, made of a magnetic material after sintering with high energy product, low temperature coefficient, the maximum operating temperature up to 350 ℃, negative temperature is not limited, when the operating temperature above 180 ℃, the maximum energy product and temperature stability and chemical stability are more than NdFeB.
With strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance; it is widely used in the aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, telecommunications, medical equipment, instruments, meters, all kinds of magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processor, electrical, magnetic crane Wait.

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Super Magnet

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Address:No.7598 Ziyun Road,,Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601
Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601  
Post Code: 230601
Tel: 86-551-63409690
Fax: 86-551-64859786 
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