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Rubber Magnet

The rubber magnets are composed of magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP). Rubber magnetic can be of same sex or opposite sex, can bend, can twist, can roll. It does not need more mechanical processing, can be used in the desired size, or according to the customer request to cover PVC, gum, UV oil and so on. Its magnetic energy product is 0.60~1.50 MGOe.

It is flexible, elastic and flexible, and can be produced in rolls, sheets, bars, blocks, rings and various complex shapes by extrusion, pressing, injection and mold forming. It can also cover PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided adhesive, UV oil, or color impression cut into various shapes.


Magnetic Products of Customized Shapes and Sizes.



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