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NdFeB growth in demand can be expected

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According to Zhongzheng Wang comprehensive report, policy support to protect abandoned wind power wind levels continue to decline, offshore benchmark price and stimulate the introduction of new market space. This year, the wind power industry usher in a strong recovery, is expected to drive substantial growth in upstream materials NdFeB fan demand. According to professional organizations predict that this year the wind power installed capacity is expected to reach 20 GW, an increase of about 25%, will drive the demand for wind power NdFeB 4690 tons, representing an increase of around 40%.
This year, the introduction of a series of supportive policies and subsidies for renewable energy in place, wind power operators profit rise, driven by the wind power investment faster. According to the domestic carriers mainstream wind power installed capacity planned this year's statistics, this year, China's wind power installed capacity is expected to reach 20 GW, reaching a new record high annual installed capacity. It is understood that the frequency and the number of fans in the first half of this year were significantly improved tender, public tender is expected to more than 11 GW of installed capacity, an increase of 27%.
Wind power rapid growth of investment, led to an increase in shipments of wind turbine equipment. Currently, the market mainstream technology roadmap into doubly-fed wind turbine and direct drive permanent magnet type two kinds. The biggest difference is the different transmission and power generation structure. Direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine canceled the traditional AC excitation doubly-fed induction wind turbine gearboxes growth needed to avoid a run gearbox failures and maintenance. Meanwhile, the permanent magnet wind turbine PMG taken, no excitation winding, no slip rings and brushes on the rotor, simple structure, reliable operation, power generation efficiency of an average of 5-10%, maintenance costs can be reduced by 20%.
From the current market situation, the direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine double-fed wind turbine alternative is accelerating, there are some double-fed technology companies have research investment route direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine. While the use of direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine technology route Goldwind and Hunan Electric shares continued to improve market share. Agency predicts that direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine market share expected to grow from 2011's 24.4 percent increase in 2014 to around 35%.

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