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Magnetize Ferrite Magnets & Magnetic Sheets

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             Magnetize Ferrite Magnets & Magnetic Sheets


 ETC Magnetizer – Magnetize Ferrite Magnet, Magnetic Sheet 

The ETC Magnetizer (U.S. Patent No. 5,424,703) offers quick and easy magnetization of ferrite materials. You will realize pull strength competitive with strengths obtained with impulse type magnetizers that can cost thousands more.

With the ETC Magnetizer, you will benefit from continuous magnetization with:

No Index

No Cycle Time

No High Voltage Danger

No Power Consumed

No Unmagnetized Areas from Misfires

The ETC Magnetizer performs the following functions:

Magnetizes ferrite materials to any length as fast as they can be pulled through the gap by the user’s windup equipment.

Changes pole widths or pole shape within minutes.

Center to center pole spacing up to 18 poles per each inch of strip or sheet width.

Pull strength competitive with strengths obtainable with the impulse type magnetizers, but with equipment costing thousands less.

Using optimum thickness for un-backed sheet, the holding power obtainable with Plastalloy 1A material ranges from 21oz. per square inch (@ 18 Poles Per Inch) to 23oz. per square inch (@ 2 Poles Per Inch).*

Using optimum thickness for sheet material with steel backing, holding power for Plastalloy 1A material ranges from 28oz. per square inch (@ 11 Poles Per Inch) to 31.5oz. per square inch (@ 4 Poles Per Inch).*

For programming robotic equipment and sequential functions required of various products, strip and sheet can be magnetized in an array of different pole widths, from one adjacent pole to the next or with different center to center spacings between poles of uniform widths.

Flat magnets can be magnetized with segment or pie shape poles, as suitable in relation to various product functions and applications.


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