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Industrial 40*20*10mm Sintered NdFeB Block Magnet

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  • N40-N52,30M-50M,30H-48H,28SH-45SH,28UH-42UH,28EH-38EH,28AH-33AH
  • N40-N52,30M-50M,30H-48H,28SH-45SH,28UH-42UH,28EH-38EH,28AH-33AH
  • Super
  • 150 longton/month
  • Anhui,China
  • Standard Export Carton
  • piece/40*20*10mm NdFeB Block Magnet
  • 150 longton/month
  • 40*20*10mm NdFeB Block Magnet
  • 5 days after deposit
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  • T/T
40*20*10mm NdFeB Block Magnet

We are a major manufacturer of ndfeb strong magnets. We custom make all kinds shapes of Ndfeb magnets
(block disc, ring, arc segment, or other special shapes)according to customers' requests,
and all grades of ndfeb magnets, such as n30, n35, n38, N40, n42, n45, n30h, n33h, n35h, n38h, n40h, n42h,
n44h, n28sh, n30sh, n33sh, n35sh, N38sh, n40sh, n28uh, n30uh, n33uh, n35uh, n26eh and n28eh.

Our magnets are widely used in pm motors and generators, communications, magnetic therapy, office automation,
energy power and automobile industry. We also supply mgnetic suckers, holding magnets,
magnetic hooks and magnetic clothing buttons.


1.  Neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeBNIB or Neo magnet), the most widely used 
type of 
rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from neodymium,iron,boron and same
other trasitive metallic elements to make it strong.

2.Working Temperature: From 60°C to 200°C

3. Coating: Ni,Ni-Cu-Ni,Zn,L-zn,Expoy,Gold, Etc.

4. Shape: Block,Ring,Disc,Square,Round,Trapezoid and other shapes

5. Application: Computer, automobile, electric machinary, electro-sound devices, automatic control,
magnetic force mechanism, microwave communication, petrochemical industry,
medical apparatus and equipment


40*20*10mm NdFeB Block Magnet






Magnetic Products of Customized Shapes and Sizes.



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