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High Quality 2*1 SmCo magnet

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High Quality 2*1 SmCo magnet


Widely used in motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generators, radar

SmCo permanent magnet has high magnetic energy product and high cercive force. Its properties are better than
Alnico,ferrite permanent magnet. Its max. energy product is up to 239kJ/m3(30MGOe), which is three times
of that of Alnico8 permanent magnet, eight times of that of ferrite permanent magnet (Y40).  Directions of Magnetization:



aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, wind power,
a variety of magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processor, high-end motor, etc.



High resistance to demagnetization, High energy product, good temperature stability, high resistance of corrosion
and oxidation

High Quality 2*1 SmCo magnet

Curie Temp. Tc °C 800-850 Coeff. Of thermal expansion C // 1/°C ~8×10-5
Density D g/cm3 8.3-8.5 C 1/°C ~11×10-5
Recoil permeability rec   1.00-1.05 Regidity Strength N/m2 ~1.5×108
Max.working Temp. Tmax °C 350 Compress Strength N/m2 ~8×108
Electrical Resistivity   ΩCm ~8.6×10-5 Tensile Strength N/m2 ~3.5×107
Vickers Hardness Hv   500-600 Youngs modulus N/m2 ~1.2×1011
Thermal Conduct Rate   W/mK ~12 Magnetization field Ha kA/m ≥1600


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