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Cube magnetic ball

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Cube magnetic ball

Cube magnetic ball

Magnetic ball cube - it consists of 216 highly magnetic rare earth magnets (single ball diameter 5 mm), each magnet has a north-south polarity.

Simply through the magnetic ball cube can improve your geometric and mathematical aspects of intuitive perception. You can use magnetic ball magic as an educational tool to combine textbooks to learn, which can be theoretical and practical aspects of geometric knowledge for a better understanding. As the geometry requires a strong ability to imagine the space, so the magnetic ball magic as a teaching tool can effectively improve the geometry of the results.

Magnetic ball cube is indeed a magical intellectual toy. Magnetic ball cube can also stimulate and exercise your left and right brain, compared to other types of intellectual toys, Neocube magnetic ball magic side can make you benefit more. Each side of the brain is responsible for controlling the different functions and cognitive functions of the body. Left brain is responsible for logical reasoning, mathematics and language, it also controls the right side of the human body muscles. Right brain control space imagination, creativity, facial looks and visual recognition, while controlling the left part of the body. When you play Neocube magnetic ball cube, you not only to the use of space to imagine the ability and creativity, but also apply to your logical thinking ability or even mathematical knowledge. This makes it possible for you to exercise both around the brain.


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