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Address:No.7598 Ziyun Road,,Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601
  • [Magnet Industry News] NdFeB magnet for industrial

    NdFeB magnets can be divided into two kinds of bonded NdFeB and sintered NdFeB. Bonding is actually injection molding, and sintering is the vacuum through the high temperature heating molding! NdFeB magnet so far has the strongest magnetic permanent magnet. Material grades N35-N52;

  • [Magnet Industry News] New device of electromagnet

    In January 1838, Morse's 3-mile telegraph test was a success. In April 1840, the invention applied to the patent on May 24, 1844, is a glorious page in the history of world telecommunications. In the United States Congress Hall held a grand telegraph communication experimental activities. Morse turned on the power and sent the first telegram to the Baltimore in the history of mankind: "What miracles did God have created!" Morse 's telegram was finally successful! May 24, 1844 became an internationally recognized telegraph invention day. Morse's telegrams are simple, accurate and economical because they use telegram codes. Soon, his telegram swept the world. Today, Morse code has become the basic telegraphic method of modern telegraph communication. Telegraph invention, opened the prelude to the telecommunications era, creating a human use of electricity to pass the history of information. Since then, the speed of information transmission has greatly accelerated. "Tick" - ring

  • [Magnet Industry News] A4 or Custom Rubber Magnet Sheet with Adhesive

    A4 or Custom Rubber Magnet Sheet with Adhesive StickerProduct Description: - Strong Magnetism - Rolls or Cut Sheets - Suitable for Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Car Sign and Promotional products Flexible Magnetic Sheet: * Strong Magnetism * Easy to Die Cut* Meet International Material Safety StandardsSpe

  • [Magnet Industry News] Magnetic and electric fields

    Magnetic and electric fieldsThe magnetic and electric fields are both similar and different. They are also inter-related.Electric charges and magnetism similarJust as the positive (+) and negative (−) electrical charges attract each other, the N and S poles of a magnet attract each other.In electric

  • [Magnet Industry News] Magnetize Ferrite Magnets & Magnetic Sheets

    Magnetize Ferrite Magnets & Magnetic Sheets ETC Magnetizer – Magnetize Ferrite Magnet, Magnetic Sheet The ETC Magnetizer (U.S. Patent No. 5,424,703) offers quick and easy magnetization of ferrite materials. You will realize pull strength competitive with strengths obtained with impu

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Address:No.7598 Ziyun Road,,Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601
Economic-Technological Development Area,Hefei,Anhui,China 230601  
Post Code: 230601
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