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2015 Newest permanent samarium cobalt magnets smco for sale

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  • 2015 permanent cobalt magnets smco

2015 permanent cobalt magnets smco

1) high quality flexiblematerials

2) strong power
3) customized size & accurate tolerance 
4) fast and safe delivery & excellent service 


About SmCo magnet:


SmCo magnet is a rare earth metal samarium and cobalt-based strategy elements, with iron, copper, zirconium, praseodymium and other metal materials ratio of melting into the alloy, grinding, pressing, sintering and aging 

made of a magnetic materials with higher magnetic properties (high energy product, high coercivity, high remanence); 

very low temperature coefficient (-0.030% / °C), high temperature (maximum temperature is 350 °C),

negative temperature limitation, the working temperature above 180 °C, the maximum energy product, temperature 

stability and chemical stability are more than NdFeB material; has a strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance. 

Therefore, SmCo magnet is widely used in aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, communications, 

medical equipment, instruments, wind power, a variety of magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processor, 

high-end motor, etc.

The characteristics of Samarium Cobalt Magnet:


*Very high magnetic properties with good stability. 
*Superior resistance to high temperature,Curie temperature of majority is over 800.
*Excellent corrosion resistance capability,no coating is needed for surface protection

2015 permanent cobalt magnets smco
Curie Temp. Tc °C 800-850 Coeff. Of thermal expansion C // 1/°C ~8×10-5
Density D g/cm3 8.3-8.5 C 1/°C ~11×10-5
Recoil permeability rec   1.00-1.05 Regidity Strength N/m2 ~1.5×108
Max.working Temp. Tmax °C 350 Compress Strength N/m2 ~8×108
Electrical Resistivity   ΩCm ~8.6×10-5 Tensile Strength N/m2 ~3.5×107
Vickers Hardness Hv   500-600 Youngs modulus N/m2 ~1.2×1011
Thermal Conduct Rate   W/mK ~12 Magnetization field Ha kA/m ≥1600
SmCo magnet (16)


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